Shadow Mission exhibit at my Indianapolis studio



I’m having a show at my Indy studio June 6 that gets into some of the work I do with other men in the Mankind Project.  I call it Shadow Mission, after the process by which men in the MKP come to terms with the dark impulses that drive their behavior and keep them from being their truest selves.

I’ll have a bit more explanation at the show, so if you stop by, you’ll be able to see what these men have shared about themselves and how they use their insight to create a better world for themselves and everyone else.

20 photographs of 10 men.  All are invited, and all will leave challenged and changed.



Got that slow internet feeling? Here’s what you look like.

Everybody knows this feeling, right?  Well there’s a company out there called Ubiquiti that has a solution — a new way to deliver the internet to rural areas, urban areas, wherever areas, with fast service and good coverage.  Too sciency for my limited abilities, here’s a link to their site — you do the thinky-thinky.

Meanwhile, me and Jim Riddle of DGWB in Santa Ana created these images for a campaign Ubiquiti will be running soon —


The campaign focuses on the unpleasant wait times many internet surfers have to suffer through in areas with slow service.  Did I even have to say that?  No — we did such a good job conveying the message and emotion, I didn’t have to say that.

NBI_1361d AptV2_0051-b

Sprint shoot pops up, makes me think

Worked recently with the good folks at Digitas Chicago and New York on project for Sprint’s mobile learning app.  Shot everything at the York Community High School, a beautiful old building in Elmhurst that offered great locations throughout.  Here’s one of of the images we did for this project, which was printed into a 3D popup with four views —


Sprint_PopUp_ClassroomShooting this required background plates, foreground plates and some spatial pre-visualization that required I get rid of my gum before I could think it through.  This direct mail piece went to education professionals.


Producer Judith Gatesman’s solid leadership kept the fast-paced shoot running smoothly, and we finished on time, on budget and in good spirits.  Thanks to the staff at York and thanks to a great production team from Digitas: Senior Producer Noah Wilker and senior art director Ryan Ruark.

Graphis includes me in their 2014 online photography annual. Me happy.

Some recent work made it into Graphis’ new photo annual online — my campaign for LaCrosse Footwear (see all three of the series at the link under the photo) —

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 1.27.47 PM

And this image from my personal sports series —

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 1.31.19 PM

Great to be included in this, it’s one of the very best annual collections out there!

Work by other photographers in the annual that caught my eye:

Here’s a series on twins from photographer Tim Macpherson that I think is just brilliant (click on the link to see them all) —

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 1.39.35 PM

And this shot by James Haefner —

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 1.43.15 PM

And then, from Jack Anderson, there’s this! —

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 1.48.34 PM

APA Midwest & APA San Francisco both exhibiting recent work

This Friday, APA Midwest will be exhibiting their Artist’s Perspectives show at the Chicago Art Department on Halstead.  I am honored to be selected for that show as well as APA San Francisco’s Something Personal Exhibition, taking place this Saturday at Leftspace in San Francisco.  A big thank you to both organizations, it’s an honor to be among such a select group of artists!

ImageAPA Midwest & APA SF select  ©HaroldLeeMiller 2013


APA Midwest Select   ©HaroldLeeMiller 2013

First Place Win in the Lifestyle Category of the APA Awards

We’re delighted to be chosen by the APA as the lifestyle category winner in the 2013 competition.  You may have seen this image before from our LaCrosse Boots campaign, shot over a few days in Michigan.   This makes working in some seriously cold temperatures feel just a little bit sweeter.  Special thanks everyone who helped us make these pictures, and to APA & their sponsors!



Congrats to all the winners!

Exact Target shoot in Chicago: Trains, pains and automobiles

Wei-and-train-g-new-crop-etcDepicting customers using Exact Target’s software on the go was the objective when we shot this campaign in downtown Chicago. Taking advantage of the city’s bustling urban views, we parked our production RV at the base of the El just south of Wacker and used the surrounding environment in a series of images for  Exact Target’s website and marketing.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.03.08 AMBecause we wanted an active, dynamic look to the images, we incorporated movement and traffic wherever we could.  So that accounts for the train and the automobiles.  What about the pain, you ask?

You try shooting all day, shouting direction to models and crew, with the sound of an elevated train roaring overhead.  Then you talk to me about pain, my friends.  Then you talk to me about pain….


Two images selected for Los Angeles APA “Off the Clock” exhibit and showbook

Just got the Off the Clock showbook featuring two of my images. The APA exhibit, shown at the TBWA\Chiat\Day and Deutsch offices in LA during the spring and summer, was APA LA’s second annual curated exhibit of inspired personal photography. 100 images were chosen by curator Anne Lyden, Associate Curator at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Beautiful printing job on the book, thanks again to APA LA for the great competition and show, honored to be part of it.Seal-portfolio-pieces-4826Seal-portfolio-pieces-4829