Applied Arts Magazine liked some images from this project for its 2015 Photo Annual.

I shot this series in an older coal-powered generating plant in Richmond, Indiana, for the IMPA annual report.  Applied Arts ran some of the project in its just-released photo annual.

I’ll be doing more industrial landscapes, scenes and workers as part of my ongoing project with the Indiana Historical Society, in which I document all things Hoosier and the IHS places them into the Harold Lee Miller Collection of the IHS historical image archive.

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Industrial beauty, now part of the historical record


Shot industrial landscapes in East Chicago yesterday for a new project I’m working on with the Indiana Historical Society.  I’ll be shooting all over the state creating images the IHS will archive in the aptly named Harold Lee Miller Collection.  These images will be part of the historical record.

Looking forward to more work on this important endeavor, which will allow future Americans to know more about who we were at this point in time…

Show tonight at my studio/gallery, The646, and here’s Eric Kass with a promise

Eric Kass is showing his collection of Ephemerotica at my studio/gallery for First Friday tonight. Lots of cool stuff and also Eric, who will exhaust you if you talk to him long enough. He has a lot to say and if you actually try to think about it as he speaks you’ll find yourself getting farther and farther behind, until you’ve given up all hope and can merely nod and look attentive. Or that’s the way it works for me anyway.Eric Kass with sign at show

It was all you can eat at The Excalibur. I had a salad.

Well not really.

Ad agency Virgen of Las Vegas had me out to The Excalibur Hotel and Casino to shoot a campaign about the great food they have at their buffet.  Five shots later, I managed to crawl back to my room to sleep off the excess.

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but if that’s true, why did I weigh more when I got back than when I left?  Why is THAT?

And did you know that people are gambling in Vegas at 6 in the morning?  I was shocked, SHOCKED to see that there was gambling going on there.  At that hour.