Got that slow internet feeling? Here’s what you look like.

Everybody knows this feeling, right?  Well there’s a company out there called Ubiquiti that has a solution — a new way to deliver the internet to rural areas, urban areas, wherever areas, with fast service and good coverage.  Too sciency for my limited abilities, here’s a link to their site — you do the thinky-thinky.

Meanwhile, me and Jim Riddle of DGWB in Santa Ana created these images for a campaign Ubiquiti will be running soon —


The campaign focuses on the unpleasant wait times many internet surfers have to suffer through in areas with slow service.  Did I even have to say that?  No — we did such a good job conveying the message and emotion, I didn’t have to say that.

NBI_1361d AptV2_0051-b


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