Ruffles have ridges. And smokin’ sweet barbecue. And a funny new commercial.

The Marketing Arm (Dallas) asked us to produce some lifestyle images for Ruffles new Ultimate Sweet & Smokin’ Barbecue flavor chips under a pretty tight deadline — just a few days to pull together the production, using the actors from the TV spot being filmed concurrently and a product that was so new, it wasn’t even in all the stores yet.  No problem for Monica Zaffarano of Zaffarano Productions, Chicago.  She pulled it all together on time and on budget and with aplomb.

Thanks to art buyer Julie Richards and art director Rachna Patel for a fast-moving, upbeat production, and their client Frito Lay.

Below is another take from the shoot, set up as a product shot (bag image shot separately by different photographer.  I am so not taking credit for it, those bags are hard to shoot.  Good job “different photographer”).

Here’s a link to the TV spot. 

And here’s a link to something else — our female star got an entry on the website Who Is That Hot Ad Girl, in which TV viewers ask: Who is the girl in that commercial, she’s hot, can you track her down for me but totally not because I want to stalk her?


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