My Fair Culture book inspires Indiana State Fair’s 2012 campaign; images used in collateral and TV spots; widely rumored to cure cancer

My book Fair Culture was a big hit with the folks at the Indiana State Fair, so when they were looking for a campaign theme for this year’s fair, they asked me if they could use some of the images in their ads, billboards and TV spots.  Sure, I said, as long as you give me a parking pass to the fair and all the fried twinkies I want.

Yes to both!  Winning!

Not willing to leave it at that, Margaret Davidson, marketing director, asked if I’d be their Artist in Residence at the fair, too.  Again yes! — but could I sleep in the air conditioned fair office instead of the cow barn?  Then she explained that being Artist in Residence means having a permanent exhibit during the fair — not residing with the livestock 24/7.  Well OK but I’m sad now, I told her.

Nonetheless, the fair starts tomorrow, and the exhibit is up and ready.  I’ll have an opening Saturday night Aug. 4 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., signing books and greeting visitors.

Here’s the 15-second spot that features images from the book and three new ones shot for the commercial.  Joel Umbaugh of Road Pictures was the director.

Thanks to Matt Georgi, creative director of Asher, who created the 2012 State Fair campaign.


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