Nascar’s Tony Stewart for JD Byrider

These photos of NASCAR driver Tony Stewart were shot for JD Byrider, national chain of used car sales lots, in trade ads promoting new franchises. Like all celebs, Tony was available for a very short amount of time — around a film shoot for TV commercials.

We created these in the office of the production company where the commercial was being filmed. They had a pool table, so we brought in paneling and a few props to simulate a bar, added a couple of models (actually the bald lurker in the back is my assistant Jeff), and presto — instant set!

This one below shot in the foyer of the offices. Very small space — just enough room for a couple of sawhorses and a “table”. It had the right wall texture to simulate a restaurant, so even though the models had to crowd in, I could shoot through the doorway from an adjoining room. Tony was carefully watching his diet at the time and had a nutritionist with him. So we sat him in front of a bunch of enticing food.


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